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This is an innovative technique, which has led to a new approach in implant based breast reconstruction. We have been the first to introduce this technique in Europe and have gained the largest experience since then.

While two stage tissue expander reconstruction is the common way of reconstruction a breast, with the introduction of tissues matrices single stage implant reconstruction has become possible. Tissue matrices are engineered tissue from pig skin or calf, specifically prepared to be accepted by the human body.


It is used in immediate breast reconstruction, when a skin sparing mastectomy is performed. The matrix acts as an extension of the chest muscle (the pectoralis major), enabling the full cover of the implant. Without the matrix only the upper part of the implant is covered by muscle and the lower part would be in direct contact with skin.

But the benefit of the combination of these tissue matrices in implant based breast reconstruction, is not only in regard of the number of procedures, but as well in reduction of capsular contracture and as well improved cosmesis.

The London Breast Reconstructive Surgeons only use implants of high quality from the companies Allergan and Mentor.

Fact Sheet

General anaesthesia.

3 hours.

Length of stay
2-3 nights following the operation.


Early (1-2 days):

Bleeding (haematoma)
Re-operation (approx 4%) Wound breakdown
Necrosis of mastectomy skin flaps

Later (after one week):

Capsular contracture
Reduced or no sensation of reconstructed breast


Immediately after the operation

  • You will feel bruised and sore and there will be some swelling
  • Pain is usually moderate and controlled with standard painkillers
  • You will be out of bed the next day and over the next few days you will increase the amount of walking that you do

After return home

  • Socialising with friends 2-3 weeks
  • Return to work at 6-8 weeks
  • Driving at 4 weeks
  • Wear compression garment for 4 weeks
  • Return gym and strenuous activity after 3 months
  • Final result at 4-6 months

Permanent. Further surgery might be necessary in future