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Our philosophy is to provide you with the most advanced techniques in breast reconstruction combined with a holistic approach. We will take our time to discuss the procedure with you.

Prior to your procedure you will be seen by a breast care nurse, where remaining questions will be answered, advice on postsurgical bra's will be given alongside a full preoperative assessment . All microsurgical breast reconstructions are performed in one of the well established private hospitals in central London. At all of our affiliated hospitals, a skilled team of expertly trained medical professionals (including anesthesiologists, breast surgeons, radiotherapists, oncologists and nurses) will help assure that you receive the very best care possible care. All microsurgical procedures are performed by two members of the LBRS team in order to give you the best care possible.



The aim of BRA Foundation (formerly known as the Didyma Foundation) is to share the best and most current information for cancer patients facing breast reconstruction.